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"Most people see what is and never see what can be" Albert Einstein 

Extremely experienced and fantastic with clients, British born, Australian Artist Cat Sherwin’s wealth of skill spans from advertising, live and reality television, drama, to print & motion commercial, publicity, red carpet and editorial.

Strong in both Makeup & Hair Styling, Cat's passion, energy, vibrancy of spirit, creativity and originality make her an asset to any client or crew, bringing a warm, professional, reliable approach to any job regardless of area or scope.  A combination of fantastic communication skills both on and off set, strong work ethics & solid reliability compliment her diverse toolkit of talents.

A visionary, Cat's drive, tenacity and strong work ethic will bring that extra leading edge to your project that will deliver results.

Based primarily in Los Angeles; available for clients in New York.   With both British & Australian passports and current US work visa, domestic, interstate & international assignments all welcomed. 


Work projects & clients span from Paramount Pictures publicity, Microsoft, AT&T, Amazon, American Airlines, Walmart, Canon, Honda, Shazam, Red Bull, CBS, People Magazine, The Daily Mail, New York Post, The Voice Australia, Celebrity Apprentice Australia, Australia’s Got Talent, Isagenix, Australian blue chip companies Telstra, NAB, NRMA, and work with major Australian networks Channel 7, Channel 9, ABC, Fox Sports, SBS, Network Ten, key Australian dramas Home & Away & A Place to Call Home publicity.

Complimenting Cat’s expansive body of work are numerous advertising campaigns, publicity junkets, promos, trailers, television, music videos, infomercials, editorial, e com, publicity, including work with Courtney Lopez, Spiderman’s Tom Holland, Charlie Sheen, William Shatner, Lenny Kravitz, Danny Trejos, Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee), Jason Segal, NBA Chris Bosh, Trey Smith, Jennifer Cheon, Molly Burnett, International renowned DJ Havana Brown, Jessica Gnomes, Josh Wolf, Roy Disney, Ringo Starr, Jonathan Banks, Joel Edgerton, David Hasslehoff,  Ellen K, Esther Anderson, Lou Parker, and key political leaders & commentators both in the US & overseas, including more than one prime minister during my time in Australia.  

"Cat is my GO-TO hair and makeup artist in Los Angeles. She is first and foremost very talented and secondly a joy to have on every set we've been on together.  When the chaos of a busy photo/film shoot perks up, Cat always stays cool and calm which helps me to stay focused on my job. I cannot recommend her more!"   Braden Summers, Award Winning Photographer


"I have nothing but positive things to say about Cat, she’s truly amazing and she knows her craft. She’s personable and energetic and passionate and committed to do the very best job that can be done.  She knows what to say and maybe more importantly, what not to say to the client, the talent and the director!  There is no doubt in my mind that Cat will be an excellent addition to any production"  Rik Cannon, Company Owner/Producer/Director, Redline Creative Group


“Cat Sherwin is a wonderful hair and makeup artist, that goes above and beyond, to make sure that the talent is always looking top-notch.  She is hard working, always on her toes and I always feel lucky to work with her when she is available”.  Phillip Lindsey, Director & Producer 


"Thank you Cat for your hard work, positive spirit and always beautiful hair & makeup skills"  Michael Becker, Photographer


"Cat's experience was demonstrated through her proactiveness and ideas leading to the shoot. Her inputs and concepts allowed the entire team to visualise the shoot and provided inspiration to go bold. Without prompting, she allowed for a seamless transition between scenes allowing the shoot to run according to schedule. Would I book her again, without a doubt!"

Ed Yo, Photographer  


"Cat is the prime example of a professional HMUA, she embodies the project, the theme and delivers outstanding results, taking into account every detail! Highly recommended, very reliable and a pleasure to work with"  Rhett de la Harpe - photographer


"Thank you for creating such a stunning look for shoot. Your sense of humour, great mood and professionalism helped in the overall experience of the day. It was great to get the opportunity to work with someone so talented"  Monique Baumann Managing Director Creative Stars Events & Experiences